PeskyPoetry: An Anthology

Hello, can I take some of your time to fill in a quick survey?

PeskyPoetry is an extension of my original writing blog, Creatively Become Indifferent. Over the last 7 years I have gathered a lot of poetry and published it with the help of WordPress. Now I would like to pen my own anthology, but I need your help. I love all my poems equally, and find it hard to choose a good one from a mediocre one or even from a bad one. That is why I need your help. Please go through this survey to recommend your favorite poems on this site. Following this the most loved poems will be grouped together into a book/pamphlet for publishing.

For your help I will fill in a long agnologments section and may even write some new poetry as an agnologment. Should there be enough interest and the project successfully completes I will also give away at least one free copy to a participant of this survey.

Well, that's it, my wants and desires. Please feel free to fill in this survey or contact me through the contact section on the blog.
Thank you very much,
The Pesky Poet.